no one likes the feeling of being stagnant or lost we all have our dreams and what to achieve them in this lifetime but most of us have no idea where to start, our personal development model is specifically designed to the individual helping you to improve self awareness and identity whilst developing talents and potential, we help to facilitate employability and build human capital enhancing the quality of life and contribute to the realisation of dreams and aspirations.



have an idea for a business but have no clue as to where to start to make it a reality? Well our business development model is for you, we will work together the tasks and process needed to develop and implement your business growth opportunities, website development, social media, networking and so much more.

1:1 COUNSELING(Individual Counseling)


We all need a shoulder to cry on and help us unload the weight of the world. Here at Beta 2 Alpha Ladies, we provide a safe space for you to interact with our qualified counsellor to explore and address your life issues. We provide a safe space that allows you to create a partnership with our counsellor to help you with your journey, to undertsand yourself better, and to cope with whatever challenges you are going through.



1 hour sessions to help you develop a clear vision of what your goals should be, what to do to achieve those goals and objectives, in the sessions we will provide a clear write up of what you need to do and a timeline to do them so that you don’t feel overwhelmed or lost.




want to step up your social media game we help you to create and implement social media strategies that work for you or your business and offer exclusive access to events that will help your personal and business growth.



Group therapy sessions are limited to 5 individuals per session available through a zoom call.

30 MIN Free Consultation

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