You Are the Main Character: Simple Ways to Create a Life You Love

In life, we can often become so occupied with everything and everyone else that we sometimes forget to find joy in life’s simplest pleasures.

However, our lives are much more than we can do for others. It’s also about what we do for ourselves. While at times, life can be full of stress, surprises, and sometimes chaotic, it’s so important to find pockets of peace in the things we love.

So, whether it be spending time with the people you adore or indulging yourself in the things that make you happiest, here are five simple ways to take control of your life and create one you love: Surround yourself with things you love One of the simplest ways to inject joy into your life is to surround yourself with things that help inspire you. Whether your home, your car and your pet, it’s so important to remember your space is your sanctuary. You can make it as you want.

I have always been a home bird, and I love having relaxing evenings at home. Picture this: fairy lights are on, candles are lit, face mask on, and all cosy in bed ready to watch your favourite film. It’s the little things in life which can have the most significant impact.

Not only is decorating your space to match who you are a form of self-expression, but it’s also a great way to incorporate a little of what you love into your everyday life.

Wear your favourites clothes One of my biggest life hacks lately is only buying and wearing things I love. Not for the attention of others but for myself. I find I wear things; I feel the most me in, I’m more confident and can show up as my best. So whether it’s doing your makeup in a way that makes you feel prettiest, or wearing things that make you feel the most authentically yourself, remember that you don’t have to justify what you choose to wear to anyone but you. One of the simplest ways to invest in yourself daily is to wear things you genuinely feel good in.

Eat your favourite food One of the most essential ways to take care of ourselves is to nourish our bodies. While it’s important to make healthy choices, what’s also important is making choices you love. So whether it’s finding recipes with your favourite ingredients, or adding a treat to every meal, make breakfast, lunch and dinner an event. Eating healthy shouldn’t have to feel like a task, and eating well shouldn’t be just for special occasions. It’s more than just being excited about what we eat, but is also being excited about life.

Go on adventures There is nothing more exciting than exploring new areas and going on fun adventures, even on a solo trip or with your loved ones. Deciding to romanticise the moments you dread the most ensures that you’re committing to the choices that help you become your best and also turns those moments you hate into small moments of joy. It is great exercise and it helps you cherish some special memories.

Do things you love Last but not least, while some of us, there are aspects of our lives we can’t control, part of maintaining our inner peace means focusing on what we can. For example, taking care of ourselves also means making responsible choices. This could be anywhere from moving our bodies to waking up early to work to pay the bills. If you hate working out, taking control looks like finding a workout you genuinely enjoy. If it’s waking up early, this could look like creating a morning routine you can’t wait to wake up to. If it’s your job, work somewhere you’re passionate about, are valued, and or can find meaning and value in.


So here’s a reminder, life doesn’t have to be daunting, and you don’t have to tailor yours to others’ ideas of what it should be. Instead, express yourself, appreciate the small things, and remember that you are the main character of your life; how you decide to live it is ultimately up to you. Signing out, Caitlyn McAdam

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