Things I Wish I Knew Before Falling in Love…

Falling in love is like a drug - it can sweep up your consciousness and make you feel emotions; that you have never felt before. Picture this you meet someone and ‘fall in love' with them. Is that as easy as you think?

Here I am talking about “love.” Not attraction, so don’t be confused with each of the terms.

With attraction, it can happen instantly; you could be attracted to someone by bumping into them in the streets or someone you have spoke to for five minutes, but “falling in love” is more than just a glance.

But how would it feel to know before you love? Have you ever wondered that? In reality, pure, unconditional love is exceptional. But in a relationship, if you comprehend specific lessons and perspectives, you can create a healthy, happily ever after, and mature love.

My relationships with others would have been better if I knew some of the lessons I learned after some of my past experiences, especially when I was younger.

I have learned so much since that time in my life, and today I thought it’s about time we cover these topics.

Time reveals everything

There is nothing more true than time reveals all wounds. Time balances everything. You have arguments, conflicts, and quarrels. But when all things fade, love remains there.

Trust in the energy of love and if you have any concerns, be open and express your emotions.

Attraction happens in seconds, love happens over time

This is the fundamental difference between love and attraction. You get attracted by look, expressions, goals, and personality, but you can’t fall in love with it. You love someone because of nothing. Yes, if you love, there is a no “because.”

The attraction may convert into a long term relationship or not. But, if someone accepts your proposal, there is a better chance to turn it into a long term healthy relationship. So, don’t invest faster. Take time to observe. Learn the process. Love doesn’t happen overnight.

Take your time in intimate relationships What’s the rush? Love is not just about sex or going on fancy dates. It is about being with a person who makes you happy in a way nobody else can. Your other half. Your partner is not perfect, and neither are you. You need someone you can trust, someone you want to be with because your heart and mind are both in agreement; about this person. If you are still looking for your true love, be patient. There is someone that will love you so completely and unconditionally that it will make sense why your other relationships did not work out. They failed so that you could get the love you deserve.

Know your worth I can’t express this one enough. KNOW. YOUR. WORTH. I always treat another person how I want to be treated - as an individual but if someone treats you like you are just one of many options, do yourself a favour and remove yourself from that equation. It is not pride; it is self-respect and self-love. I have learned that it is important that I know your value and what I have to offer and never settle for anything less than what I deserve. You should, too. Trust me - you won’t regret it if you do. Don’t sacrifice your happiness for anyone else, and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

Keeping on being you Moving on doesn’t mean you have forgotten; it means you have accepted what happened in the past and choose to continue living in the present. It doesn’t mean you have to give up either but choosing to be happy rather than hurt. In the end, loving yourself is about enjoying your life, trusting your feelings, taking chances, losing and finding happiness, cherishing the memories, and learning from the past.

So here’s a reminder that sometimes you have to stop worrying, wondering, and doubting. Have faith that things will work out, maybe not exactly how you planned, but just how it’s meant to be. I wish I had known that I just needed to keep on keeping on. Signing off, Caitlyn McAdam

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