Let's Celebrate National Wellness Month with B2A Ladies

August is the month of national wellness that focuses on self-care, managing stress and promoting healthy routines. Create wholesome habits in your lifestyle all month long and see how much better you feel. Who doesn’t love a whole month dedicated to bettering yourself and improving your wellbeing?

From my own experience, I find self-care helps manage stress and helps promote my happiness. Whether you challenge yourself to a new yoga class or try a different spa treatment, making a small change can impact your health in a positive way. If you already practice wellness, then maybe you don't need a reminder. I try hard to remember to incorporate wellness into each day, but my feeling is that, there is always something new to learn and discover. Here at B2A Ladies, we want to provide you; with a month of fun wellness posts from emotional, social, financial, physical and sexual wellness to help educate and inspire you to improve your habits or try something new throughout August.

We all know during the Summer months, we can be very active being busy which is why to avoid burnout, we need to make sure we slow down too. It always feels like there is not enough time to get everything done, doesn't it? However, once we slow down and take our time, we begin to appreciate the little moments in life, and you may endure within the moments. A great way to slow down is to also pour your love; into a new hobby. We have a great event this Saturday, August 6th at Frank Wickham Hall, Egginton Road in Derby, United Kingdom, where you can paint and have drinks. All the information for the event can be found below. It’s not one to miss!

Another part of our wellness is to help practice deep breathing. Stress has a way of hurting your health—and interfering with your breathing. You may not mean to do it, but when you're stressed, you hold your breath or take much shallower breaths. This leads your whole body to tense, creating muscle tension and maybe even pain. There are so many ways to breathe, and the 4-4-8 technique is just one of the many: This includes breathing in through your nose for a count of four, bringing the breath into your abdomen. Holding your breath for a count of four. Then Breathe out through your mouth with a whooshing sound for a count of eight.

One of my favourite parts to start my day off right is, to begin with, a good stretch. It’s like sipping a good cup of coffee (if you're not a coffee-drinker, then I'm sure you have your own special way to begin your day). Aside from preserving mobility and independence as you age, stretching helps keep your muscles flexible and strong. Stretching may seem overwhelming and time-consuming, but it can have a great effect on your body over time. Something I will be practising a lot of this month is my own self-care which also includes looking after my body and skin. Your skin takes a lot in the summer with the heat and humidity which is why we need to make sure it keeps up to the best condition. This includes using your favourite skincare products and drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated.


So here’s a reminder that throughout this month, it’s time to slow down, take a moment to yourself and help improve our wellness habits. Signing off, Caitlyn McAdam

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