It's Time to Make a Change and Grow

These words resonate with me in a deeply personal way. The importance of being in the here and now, of recognising that every moment is an opportunity to wake up to what is happening and what is possible, saved my life.

Whenever a new opportunity arises to progress either personally or professionally, we tend to think about what our lives are like now and how they could look if we accepted the challenge of a new experience. Often, we’re already overwhelmed with the number of responsibilities we have. We take one look at the extra time or effort that something new, like writing a book, or deciding to commit to long-term travel, would cost us, and; we turn away.

We say, “Maybe someday!” or “I’ll start preparing for it now so that I can do it in five years when everything settles down.” News flash: life never settles down.

Life has a way of pushing forward, placing new roadblocks in front of you so that you’re always faced with a new problem, a new way forward, or a new question to answer. And as a result, we never follow through.

Afraid of failure? If you never start chasing your dreams, you’ll never have to experience what it would feel like to not achieve them, right? Here’s an uncomfortable truth: indecision is also a choice.

Now is Always the Right Time to Change Your Life

Every moment, every month, every year that you neglect to make a move toward the purposeful life that’s calling you is wasted. I recently took the leap of faith and decided to move to a brand new city, move out with my partner and start a new job. This felt crazy because I had to leave everything behind. However, I realised if I didn’t take that leap, I would still be in the same position back home, and even though it was scary, I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity of a lifetime.

If you wait those 1,3, or 5 years because you’re just not ready, that’s 1, 3, or 5 years of your life that you spent living for someone else.

This is your life, and you only get one chance to make it have meaning. Forget about the traditional life path that society has created. Future you will thank you. You have so much more inside you. You were meant to carve out your own path in life so that others could follow in your footsteps. If you don’t - who will?

It’s not going to be easy to change. Even with the knowledge that you are doing the right thing, whether you’re making a professional move or taking time to seek out personal development opportunities, you will at times feel wary of the road you’re taking.

You’ll question whether you should have held back, whether you would have been more successful if you had only; just waited to have everything perfectly in its place.

So here’s a reminder that in those moments of doubt, remind yourself of the strength you needed to take the leap, of the trust that you had in yourself to pursue a better life. You can feel confident in knowing that you value yourself enough to do something that few other people do. You can say to yourself, “Hey, at least I went for it.” Signing off,

Caitlyn McAdam

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