Fun Things to do in Your Garden this Spring

Spring is here once again and is a time of year when nature is reborn. Flowers start blossoming, the weather is getting warmer, and it is lighter in the evening, which means we can finally spend time in our gardens again. I don’t know about you, but Spring is always such a refreshing time of year; it feels like a new chapter has begun, and life is about to restart.

If you are lucky enough to have access to a garden or private outdoor space during the Spring, here are five ideas you can get involved. These ideas are specifically tailored to adults – because we need to have fun too. However, they can involve family time too.

1.) Practise your gardening skills

Once the Winter is officially over and the weather starts getting better, it's time to declutter and sort out the garden for Spring and Summer. This can involve mowing the grass, planting new shrubs and flowers and cleaning your furniture. Yes, it can be a bit of a chore at times, but it feels so much better once it is complete. You never know, you might find a new hobby in gardening too.

2.) Have a date night

Sometimes it's the simple things - why not transform your back garden into the perfect romantic spot. Wait until it starts getting dark, and grab every fairy light you can find to decorate your garden. If you have a garden table decorate it, add some candles and a romantic playlist. Dine beneath the stars in your private outdoor restaurant. Talk about making cosy memories together.

3.) Have a Picnic

Lay a blanket out in the garden with cushions and home comforts. Bring out a selection of yummy savoury and sweet treats, pour yourself a glass of something delicious or even a jug of Pimms, and pop some feel-good music on your phone or speakers. One of the perks of having this at home means you can easily pop into the kitchen if you forget anything.

4.) Have a BBQ It’s that time of year when people are having BBQs once again, and there is nothing nicer than the smell of a BBQ lingering in the air. A classic! Make the most of the sunshine and get BBQ-ing. Why not make it an occasion and grab your friends and family around for the event. If you don’t have a BBQ or don’t want to fork out for one right now, you can buy small disposable ones from the supermarkets.

5.) DIY Camping What a time of year it is to go camping, and there is nothing more relaxing than camping under the stars, especially when it is your back garden. There’s no need to travel, pitch up your tent in the garden and fill it with cushions, cosy blankets, twinkly lights and home comforts. Let’s not forget the snacks too; marshmallows for toasting and lots of yummy treats. You can even build a campfire outside to keep warm from the night's chill. It sounds like a dreamy night!

So here is a reminder that this Spring it's time to spend a little more time outdoors within your own space. There is so much to do in your garden with either your friends or family and let’s not forget all the memories you can have along the way.

Signing off,

Caitlyn McAdam

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