Five Simple Ways to Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Feeling comfortable in your skin can be difficult, not to mention a journey too. Having to deal with the depiction and standard of beauty in the media; can alter how we feel about ourselves and our bodies. Feeling comfortable in your body has its advantages. For one, feeling comfortable in your skin means that; you’re more confident. Confidence is key for almost everything you do—from talking to your boss about getting that big promotion to going out on dates.

Unfortunately for many of us, our bodies aren’t what we want them to be, no matter how healthy our diets and how; intense our workouts are. Sometimes, it only takes a bit of mind power to feel more comfortable in your body. Here are five changes that; you can make to feel; the most comfortable in your own skin throughout this wellness month.

Destress The way you feel in your body is connected to your mental health and self-image, AKA how you view and perceive yourself. When you’re feeling down, you may start to view yourself differently, so it’s important; to make time for things that can help keep you motivated and happy. Consider the things that make you feel calm and relaxed, from a bubble bath to petting your dog, and make sure to take time doing those things, especially if you feel yourself getting overwhelmed.

Love you career Feeling more comfortable about your body doesn’t have to start or end with your body itself. Instead, you can feel more confident within yourself simply by doing a job you love. When you start working on projects that make you feel good about yourself and you’re confident in your abilities, you’ll stop worrying about what you look like.

Learn to prioritise yourself My family has always told me you have to look after number one, which is myself, and this has stuck with me for years. Taking care of yourself is key to feeling comfortable in your body. By prioritising yourself and your needs, you’ll be more in-tune with who you are. Those who don’t take the proper time for themselves; are often harder on themselves. If you’re someone who works without taking the necessary time to relax and decompress, you’ll feel the negative impact in all aspects of your life, especially when it comes to the way you view yourself. By prioritising yourself, taking care of your skin, and feeling confident in your skin and body, you will begin to feel more comfortable.

Stop comparing yourself to other people Instead of constantly being shown images of others that look so-called perfect, expand your feed to include those who have similar bodies, then continue to broaden it by including a diverse range of body types. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with following only fitness models, but if you find yourself comparing your body to theirs, it’s time to focus on other things. The accounts you follow should inspire you and not make you feel any less than a beautiful person because you don’t look like someone else. Many of the photos you see on social media aren’t real, so there’s no reason to judge or compare yourself to someone else.

Learn to love yourself naked Now, I know what you might be thinking, how, is this going to help me? Looking at yourself naked; helps you get more comfortable with your body because you see it more. Just like everything else in your life, the more you see something, the more comfortable you are with it, such as friends, family, and even coworkers. By spending time with yourself naked, you can get to know yourself better. Whether you are discovering more about your body or admiring what you love about it this can really help. Why not list three things you love about your body and say them out loud to yourself; this will help you feel more confident hearing the sayings out loud. So here’s a reminder that we can all view ourselves in a certain way, and yes, we will have areas we love more than others, but this doesn’t mean you are not considered perfect. Take your time this month to admire the things you love about yourself because you are worth it.

Signing off, Caitlyn McAdam

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