Endings are not always a bad thing...

There’s a colour on the spectrum of love that doesn’t get talked about. Grey. That line between what is and what isn’t. Grey hides the maybes and the almosts and the what if’s. Love is black and white or at least it should be. Grey hides the feelings but not so well because the person you care about always seems to know. Grey disguises what we know to be true mixing it with what we want to be because if you ask anyone who's been there, who has fallen for someone who didn't even love them, they’ll tell you it probably wasn’t the relationship for me. It’s so empowering to say “this isn’t serving me” and walk away in peace.

We end up realising sometimes the best things in our life aren’t meant to be forever. Maybe there is something greater for us written in the future. We fail to see that right now because we are caught up in the past. We end with as much grace and poise as we can. Even though that, goodbye, could be the very same one that brings us to our knees. We end looking back not overcome with sadness but a joy to have had something good for as long as we did.

In the end, we end with the memories and the lessons and everything we take with us as we continue on this path knowing very well sometimes the best lessons aren’t knowledge gained but what you learned from others exchanging pieces of ourselves and forever impacting the other.

If we can walk away making someone better that’s the best thing we can do. The way I see it, endings are a lot like beginnings. We end just as we started, a little scared, a bit nervous, certainly unsure of the road ahead but we continue holding onto more faith than doubt. Trust over uncertainty, hope over skepticism, and it's the realisation that endings could be written in an unsure fate but we take the chance anyway, because if we didn’t jump exactly when we needed to then we wouldn’t realise our ability to fly.

Has the ending of a relationship or friendship had a positive or negative impact on your life? Let us know.

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