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Beta 2 Alpha Ladies Online Community is a virtual sanctuary, a safe haven for women of all ages, and walks of life. The purpose of our online community is to provide women with the opportunity to register anonymously and share their stories of inspiration, heartache, love, wisdom, and experience with others. We believe that we could all learn something new from the stories told by other women. Our online community is a space where women can come get the advice, knowledge, and guidance they need to become the Beta 2 Alpha Woman they’ve always dreamt of being. Beta 2 Alpha Ladies is facilitated by qualified professionals consisting of a life coach, counsellor and psychologist so best believe that your mental health is in good hands. We hope that this online community helps you get the mental health assistance that you need on the go.

Beta 2 Alpha Ladies Online Community is a safe space where people are free to express themselves verbally. However, please refrain from becoming political. Political debates of any nature are prohibited.

To protect us as a brand and as individuals in connection with the Beta 2 Alpha Ladies brand.

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Please refrain from sharing your personal information and any images and/ or videography that will expose your location within the community. Your e-mail address is required upon registration for administrative purposes.

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Beta 2 Alpha Ladies Rules and Regulations:

Beta 2 Alpha Ladies Rules and Regulations:

Respect. – Respect one another’s ideas and/ or views. – Respect all of our community members. – Everyone’s freedom of speech. – Voice your opinion if you don’t agree with something and/ or someone. Be Willing to Compromise. – Be willing to co-operate with others on their ideas, views, and/ or opinions. – Keep an Open Mind. – Know that disagreements are a part of life but to disagree does not mean that you shut one another out. Communication. – Make sure everyone is able to be vocal about their ideas and/ or problems. – Give ideas no matter how “off” you may think they are. – Listen before reacting. – Don’t be too critical to learn to give your point of view without forcing it onto others. We do not accept racism, colourism, fat shaming, skinny shaming, or shaming of any kind, no hate speech or bullying will be tolerated. No spam please! Sometimes wine is necessary so please keep a bottle at hand at all times. -The B2A Ladies Management Team