What Is Your Friendship Status?

Your real friends will love you even when you feel unlovable. The real ones will be patient throughout the times that you feel most fragile. During the times that you just want to breakdown and cry. Most importantly, your real friends will be by your side through the healing process. Those who are here to stay will grow with you and learn with you. These are the type of friends we believe you should invest in.
We try so hard to hold on to everyone that enters our lives that we forget to acknowledge the ones that make the difficult times easier to bear. It is important to reflect on who was there through your darkest days. Those who are here to stay are the ones that take time out of their busy lives to be there for you when you someone the most.
Avoid holding onto the people that bring nothing but toxicity into your life. This involves lies, heartbreak and continuous sadness. For you, my dear, are a caged bird that wants to fly. You do not need to be trapped in the shadow of another. Take control of your life and that starts with assessing the people in your life.
Some people come into your life for a lifetime whilst others come for a season. You have to realise who you want to stay and who need to let go of. We often find ourselves making temporary people our priorities instead of focusing on those who have been there through our darkest days. Remember ladies, quality over quantity.
So, the question you should be asking yourself: What Is Your Friendship Status?
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