The Top Best Investments In Life

The Top Best Investments In Life are what we call the 4 H’s: Heart, Health, Home, and Healing. Firstly, Your Heart-
Who you let in? Secondly, Your Health- What you let in? Thirdly, Your Home- Who you let stay? and Lastly, Your Healing- What you let go?

The moment you place your focus on yourself is when you ultimately start your journey of self-discovery. You begin to discover parts of you that you didn’t even know existed. When you begin to invest time into yourself. You’ll soon realise what matters most to you in life. This journey of self-discovery will allow you to cleanse yourself from any toxicity that you were once exposed to. Investing in You will be the greatest gift you will ever give yourself. The time is Now- 2020 and beyond should be the years you take the risk and stop caring what those around think of you, your actions, thoughts or ideas. It is from this moment on that you invest in yourself. If there is one positive thing that the current global pandemic has given us- it’s time. Time to slow down, take a deeper look at oneself and reflect over the years leading up to this very moment. We encourage you to never stop investing in yourself no matter what situation you may be in. We hope that you don’t suppress your needs or desires because you’re afraid of how people will perceive you. Stop worrying and start believing. Have the belief that investing in the 4 H’s will elevate your life. Investing in yourself will guarantee that you make the most of out of your life on earth. We hope that you realise that you are worthy. Worthy to love and be loved. Taking the journey of self-discovery can sometimes be a lonely battle but just know that in order to truly change- you have to go through some uncomfortable situations too. We are here to assist you.
“I have grown to learn that self-care requires contrast. That even the smallest things I do for myself throughout my day, help to empower me and bring me back home to myself in the most transformative ways. Over the years, I have taught myself how to safeguard my mind and my body, how to choose myself over anyone else every single day, how to focus on being less perfect, and more real, in a world that sometimes forgets to do so. It is through constant self-care that has made my life beautifully unique” –Felicia Vundla. At the end of the day, we are our wealthiest investment and our greatest reward. We are our biggest achievement and our most valuable player. The best version of ourselves manifests from the amount of effort that we put into our self-care. Most of all, the best version of ourselves is what the world deserves to see.
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