How to Love your Partner while dealing with Mental Health Issues?

It pains me to think about how taboo it is to talk about mental health with a new partner, having mental health issues isn’t a fault, it’s just a heavy burden to carry, even more so because of its stigma.
Never laying everything out on the table never ends well. It’s realising that your partner shouldn’t try to fix all your broken pieces. Remember that mental health issues are so common you are not defective just because you suffer from depression or anxiety to name just a few. I’m not invalidating how you feel because your pain and experiences are real you just have to realise that your not a broken human being just because you suffer from mental health issues. Remember that falling into the right relationship means falling together and knowing you’re not the only one. If a conversation is hard, it’s probably the one worth having.It’s figuring out what your significant other likes and dislikes to find a happy medium.It’s listening to what they say and remembering the finite details without losing who you are. There will be frustrating moments that don’t intend to hurt your partner and vice versa. We believe Communication is key. Being transparent and openly communicating with your partner is what contributes to the sustainability of your relationship.
Bear in mind, there is no such thing as a perfect moment to tell the one you love that you suffer from mental health issues, and make sure when that moment comes to reassure them that the reason you’re opening up to them, is to make them aware about what you’re going through. You are not looking for a fixer! The purpose of communicating mental health issues with your partner is so they become aware and learn about what you’re going through. Your mental health is a defining part of you, so even if you reach rock bottom- you realise that you are so resilient and you have a better understanding of your authentic self with the one you love beside you.
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