If you follow us on our social media you would have seen the post that says “change comes from within”. but what does that actually mean?
It’s knowing that change doesn’t just happen over night nor does it happen by accident. It occurs gradually. But also there is no denying that life is unpredictable and that more often than not we are forced into change, we lose jobs, we lost people (especially during the pandemic) we sometimes find ourselves in unfavourable circumstances that we weren’t taught how to handle, all these things force use to change that we weren’t ready to change whether its our lives or ourselves. With time you will learn that change is an unbeatable beast, it swaps your priorities and gives you an alternate view on others and yourself, it can destroy everything you’ve ever created or it can also help you rebuild things you never even imagined.
the worst thing you can do for your self growth is remain in your comfort zone. in B2A you will learn that you should take leaps, and consider risks, you should expand yourself out ward instead of remaining in the same place. stretching yourself is a good thing it gets muscles you’d forgotten about to start working and makes hour life story more interesting.
Change is not always a bad thing, sometimes change allows you to free yourself from toxic situations or difficult circumstances. Sometimes change looks terrifying at first but once you dive deep into it, it becomes easier to navigate, easier to embrace and easier to accept. Sometimes change is exactly what you need to grow and shine, sometimes it’s the gift you didn’t know you needed even if it feels like the biggest curse.Yes i know change can be scary but scary is good, it produces adrenaline. The kind that makes you look at your future from angles you have never explored before. there are moments you look back and somehow miss the person you were before, but life is all about moving forward standing still won’t make time stop instead you’ll look up one day and see that everything and everyone has left you behind if you’re not careful.
we are born seeking permission, as children we seek permission from our parents, and then from our teachers to our friends and sometimes we seek permission fro our partners, but you need to remember that the only person who can give you permission to change is you.And even though change may be painful sometimes, it’s still better than the pain of feeling powerless and helpless as you watch your dreams pass you by because change brings opportunity, renewal and transformation and it also brings you one step closer to a more rewarding life because sometimes little changes lead to big results and sometimes change can be the most beautiful blessing in disguise Because every detour, roadblock and crossroads that you will encounter will bring you once step closer to where you’re meant to be
Why not use this time in quarantine to build a relationship with yourself and make some changes?

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