Where Our Tomorrow is Built on the Foundation of Today
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Who Are We?

Beta 2 Alpha Ladies promotes the sharing of knowledge, experiences, and best practices on how women can become their best and authentic selves, creating an atmosphere of empowerment and self-development. We have cultivated a space to empower women to broaden their network and embark on a journey of personal growth.

Beta 2 Alpha Ladies C.I.C is better known as B2A Ladies or B2A.

Why Beta 2 Alpha Ladies? The World we live in has viewed women as being the second tier. Women have been dismissed countless times but we will no longer be silenced. We have risen and we will continue to rise, forming a generation of strong-minded women who aim to empower others to be better and do better. Gone are the days where women are meant to just look pretty- we were built to lead.

Here at Beta 2 Alpha Ladies, we know that sometimes all it takes to change the World is a little support. We are here to support women through all works of life.

What Do We Do?

Beta 2 Alpha Ladies offers Virtual Mentor and Counseling Services to Women aged 18-35 years old. We offer an online hub for discussions at any point of your day to get different opinions and ideas from other like-minded women from all around the world.

You will find uplifting and inspiring stories, a space that helps you on your journey with faith. We also offer business and personal development to help you succeed on your journey.


Our Mission

Beta 2 Alpha Ladies Mission is to Support, Advocate, and Educate. We believe that we are making a difference through the connections we make with women from all walks of life.

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Beta 2 Alpha Ladies’ mission is to support women of all ages (primarily 18-35 years old), races, cultural, economic and social backgrounds. Support is by no means easy to receive but your mental health is our priority. Through your co-operation and the Beta 2 Alpha Ladies online community, our principal mission is to facilitate mental health support.

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Beta 2 Alpha Ladies’ mission is to advocate personal growth strategies suited for your mental health needs. Beta 2 Alpha Ladies takes advocacy seriously, and our team is working tirelessly each day to make a positive impact on the women who cross paths with the B2A Ladies brand.



Beta 2 Alpha Ladies’ mission is to educate women on the importance of having a voice. We strongly believe that women should be more liberal and it is our mission to make sure that the World hears our voice. Beta 2 Alpha Ladies provides women with the resources to combat day-to-day cultural, economical, societal, and personal issues. We are here to remind you that You are Powerful, You are Beautiful and You are Brave.