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Beta 2 Alpha Ladies is your virtual go-to fairy godmother, an in-house full-service marketing agency that aims to lighten your workload and assist you with the growth and success of your business. Our primary goal is to uplift and assist women to level up in the world of business. Beta 2 Alpha Ladies offers a range of services such as digital marketing, Public Relations (PR), branding, and comprehensive business and personal development packages placing personal stories and networking for exclusives to boost women wanting to change their lives. With a focus on  branding, Supply chain, Sustainability, Networking, and most importantly we feel a community.

Beta 2 Alpha Ladies is built on the foundation of an online community which is our primary source of networking with a database of women from across the globe.



Charmaine Maposa

"To be honest being a part of the B2A Ladies community has been a breath of fresh air. In the short space that I've been a part of the online community, I've been rewarded with like-minded and educated women who not only help build each other up but are doing plenty to build up their communities too. I'm free and I'm happy - I love the commitment and laughter within the group that's accompanied by the hilarious sense of humour that emanates from one another. Most of all I'm happy to just be myself. The Beta 2 Alpha Ladies Facebook group is a safe haven and I love that we embrace our individuality. There's a sisterhood that is constantly brewing in the group and it's nice to have a group you can call home."

"So far B2A Ladies has been more than a blessing to me. I’ve learned the importance of sisterhood. The importance of having people in your life who care about the issues you usually were used to solving on your own - getting different opinions from people of different backgrounds and experiences. The laughter and the support are truly unmatched. There are some things I couldn’t express because I naturally hold stuff in but I’m better at it now because of the strength I get from this space."


"Being a part of B2A Ladies online community has really helped me. I've found sisters I Never had. I love how we're free to speak out about any problem or question without fear of judgment. I feel like that's something everyone needs, a safe space to express yourself and to be yourself freely. I've learned a lot about almost everything, the advice and words of encouragement and how we're real to each other about everything thing, even topics that are considered to be "controversial". It's such a great relief to be able to talk about something you faced or are facing and someone actually relates to you. I'm proud to say that I found that at B2A ladies."


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